Crafting for a Cause: health care for Haitian village co-op

Crafting for a Cause: health care for Haitian village co-op

My co-worker is the head of a small 501(c)3 non-profit organization doing great things. It is called Stone By Stone. This is their goal: Stone By Stone is a non-profit (501(c)3 pending), faith-based organization seeking to bring quality, reliable and consistent health care to a nine-village cooperative located in the Cabaret Region of Haiti.

We have a permanent installation in the lab at my office to raise funds. I have an obscene amount of beads and findings I have purchased over the years. I make earrings and sell them for $5-10 a pair, and give all the money to Stone By Stone, the exception being if I need to purchase more ear wires.

We offer gift bags at no extra charge. The beaded necklaces on the board are made by another nurse co-worker of ours. She also gives 100% of the profit to Stone By Stone.

More images of how we help support the mission are to come. To view the Stone By Stone website for more information, please click on the photo and you will be directed to their website.


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